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Witnesses Heard Bang Before House Went Up in Flames
A fire is being investigated that occurred on Madison Street in Taunton.

According to neighbors, they heard a loud bang then they saw a balcony on fire. This occurred at around 10 at night on Sunday.

The fire chief says there was no explosion, and Taunton firefighting crews were able to put out the fires fairly quickly.

Route 395 Closes Because of Fire
We are always looking to bring you current stories about accidents new all across Massachusetts. As we seek to do so, we will sometimes bring you emerging reports. With these stories, sometimes only a few details will be known at first. Then, as we learn more information. We will update these stories and let you know what is going on.

On May 3, traffic on Route 395 going northbound in Oxford was closed due to a fire.

This is all that is known about this incident at this time.

Crews Fight Fire in Dracut
On May 3, crews were on the scene of a fire that happened in Dracut, Massachusetts.

The people in the home where the fire occurred were not injured. Two people who were in the home noticed smoke was coming from an electrical panel.

One firefighter suffered minor injuries while fighting the blaze.

Fire at Tasty Burger in South Boston
A fire started at around 1:10 in the morning at the Tasty Burger L Street Restaurant. The fire tore through the building in South Boston on early Friday morning.

The fire quickly became a dangerous situation for the firefighters.

The crews had to use foam to put out the hot spots.

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