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 Car Struck in Brockton
The passenger side of a vehicle in Brockton located on Blaine Street and Forest Avenue was found riddled with bullets. Both doors had bullet holes and the back window was smashed in.

This was the scene of a gunfire incident on Monday night.

Police were alerted to several shots being fired near 3 Blaine Street at around 9:20 at night.

Child Falls Out of Moving Car
On May 8, authorities say that a child fell out of their car seat in a moving car on a road in Massachusetts. The child did not suffer from serious injuries.

Police say that the 2-year-old opened the door of the vehicle and fell out as they were on a street in Northampton.

According to investigators, the car seat was not secured properly.

Fire at Tasty Burger in South Boston
A fire started at around 1:10 in the morning at the Tasty Burger L Street Restaurant. The fire tore through the building in South Boston on early Friday morning.

The fire quickly became a dangerous situation for the firefighters.

The crews had to use foam to put out the hot spots.