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In Massachusetts, corporal punishment is illegal.  This means that a teacher, coach or anyone else at your child’s school cannot use spanking, paddling or any other type of physical force as a means of discipline.injury lawyer

This has not always been the case and is still not the rule in some other states.  We have recently seen a rash of articles about bills being proposed in other states to ban corporal punishment in schools as the legislature in Massachusetts has already done. Continue reading

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Last summer was a particularly dangerous one for amusement park attendees. USA Today reported on numerous incidents which occurred at amusement parks which resulted in serious and even fatal injuries. With summer a prime time for visits to amusement parks, it is important for those who will be heading out to hit the rides to understand the risk they face while at the park. injury lawyer

When an accident at an amusement park does occur and injury or death results, victims need to understand what options they have for holding the amusement park owners and operators accountable for their losses.

A Boston personal injury lawyer can provide assistance in determining if a case can be made against the amusement park so the victim or his family can obtain monetary damages. Victims should be made whole, which means compensated for both economic and non-financial loss such as loss wages, costs of medical bills and the pain endured as a result of the amusement park accident.

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Summer is a prime time for vacations, and many adventurous travelers like to take trips to hike, rock climb, go boating or diving, water ski, parasail or take part in other fun but risky activities. If you are heading off for a summer trip and you will be doing something more high risk than just sitting in a lounge chair by the beach for your whole vacation, it is important to understand what your rights are when participating in high-risk recreation. injury lawyer

A Boston injury lawyer can provide insight into what responsibility the operators of tourist activities have if you engage in high risk behavior. In most cases, you can file a lawsuit against the operator of various types of recreational activities even if the operator has had you sign a liability waiver and even if the activity you’re engaging in tends to be an inherently high risk one.

What Happens if Tourists Get Hurt Doing Something Dangerous

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While you or you child can get injured during most sports, some are more dangerous than others.  When we think of head injuries, football is often at the top at list.  This is to the point where many parents, even former athletes, will not let their kids play the game at a competitive level.  While football may be first, lacrosse and ice hockey are not far behind.  Rugby is often considered the most dangerous, but until recently it was not that popular in the U.S., so we don’t hear about it often, but that is starting to change.

Boston Personal Injury According to a recent news story from The Mercury News, a college athlete was left paralyzed following a championship win for his team. The 20-year-old athlete is now paralyzed from his chest down.  He already had one major surgery, but he now only has limited movement of his arms and nothing below that.  His family said they know it will be a long road ahead for this young victim, but they hope and pray he will regain his mobility.  He was able to sit up in a chair while in the hospital a day after the surgery, and this is a very encouraging sign. Continue reading

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While summer is a great time for swimming, pools can also be very dangerous places. A young child could drown in a pool very quickly and drowning doesn’t always look like what we might expect. Children could be hurt at a hotel swimming pool or a water park, or could drown when they wander into a neighbor’s yard who has a pool. There are myriad different situations in which a young child could face a grave risk of injury when it comes to the presence of a swimming pool and when a child does get hurt, it is important to determine who is to blame for the harm the child experienced. injury lawyer

A Boston injury lawyer can provide representation to individuals and families harmed in swimming pool accidents. It is not just children who could suffer injury in a pool. Adults could drown or be hurt too. Anyone who is injured should talk with an attorney about his or her rights and to find out who can be held accountable for compensating the victim or the family of the victim if the pool accident is fatal.

Who is Responsible for Swimming Pool Accidents?

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When people think about lying out in a hammock, they are typically thinking of lying out in some tropical paradise with the hammock stretched between two palm trees.  They are not usually thinking about New York City.  However, as it turns out, there are hammocks in the big city, and one of these hammocks allegedly resulted in a tourist being injured, according to a recent news report from CBS News.

HammockAuthorities have said the hammock had been placed on the fifth story of a building in lower Manhattan.  Due to high winds and during a big rainstorm, the hammock, along with its heavy wooden base and suspension system, fell from the building and landed on a tourist walking on the sidewalk below. Continue reading

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Riding an all-terrain vehicle, also called an ATV or “four-wheeler” can be a lot of fun, but it can also result in serious personal injury.  There are a lot ways that an injury can occur on an ATV.  In some cases, we are dealing with an inexperienced driver who has rented an ATV or is using one that belongs to a friend. It is also possible that a rider is seriously injured when sitting on the back on an ATV being operated by someone else.

Boston Personal InjuryThere is no seat belt on most of these vehicles, and it is not hard for a victim to fall and suffer serious injury or event death.  In some cases, we are dealing with an experienced rider who is just going too fast and taking unnecessary risks.   If a passenger is injured in this process who is not related to the operator, he or she might have a valid personal injury claim.  In some cases, the vehicle will even be insured, and in other cases, a homeowner’s insurance policy might cover the victim’s damages for his or her injuries. Continue reading

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When a parent drops off a child at a daycare center before work, they are placing much trust in the facility. Parents expect the center is in good and clean condition, the staff is properly trained and background checked and children are being properly cared for and supervised at all times.

Daycare Injury While it is true that most parents will choose to tour several daycare facilities before selecting one, they are still placing a lot of trust in management and staff to keep their children safe.  The problem is compounded in big cities, where daycare centers are often lacking any vacancies and you have much less choice in where to send you child.

Continue reading

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Madison Bumgarner has been the Ace of San Francisco Giants’ pitching for quite some time.  Even though the team has not gotten off to a great start in the 2017 season, fans and team officials were hoping that some better offense and good pitching performances by the likes of Bumgarner could get them back to where they want to be.

bandageThis is going to harder they had first hoped, as, according to a recent news article from ESPN, as Bumgarner may miss two months of the season as a result of injuries he sustained while riding a dirt bike.  He has supposedly injured his throwing shoulder and a few of his ribs.  This is creating a lot of angst for many connected with the team.  While injures happen all the time in the game, injuries that occur during non-baseball activities tend to bring out more emotions from fans. Continue reading

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Skiing can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a dangerous activity.  Each year, hundreds of people are seriously injured or killed.  According to a recent news article from the Aspen Times, a 12-year-old boy from California died as a result of a skiing accident in which he crashed into a tree at a high rate of speed.

skiingSki patrollers (skiing or snowboarding first aid personnel) first got a report of an injured skier a few minutes after 2 p.m.  They said he was skiing when he hit a tree stump that caused him to lose control and crash into another tree.  For those who haven’t skied before, ski trails are marked according to difficulty, ranging from a beginner single green circle to a double black diamond expert trail.  Victim was skiing on a beginning trail at the time of the accident that ultimately proved fatal. Continue reading