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car-300x225A wreck on Highway 128 southbound in Lynnfield, Massachusetts caused a host of problems on Tuesday afternoon.  Just after 3:00 pm, authorities with the Lynnfield Police Department received word of a collision near exit 42, just past Walnut Street.  This area is a divided highway with three travel lanes on both sides of a median.

Police report that this was a collision involving three vehicles.  Two of the vehicles were pushed next to each other in perpendicular fashion while the third vehicle was disabled in the middle lane of the roadway.  EMS personnel were on scene of the accident tending to injured victims.  At least one of the victims was transported to a hospital with injuries.

The crash caused severe traffic issues for motorists on this stretch of road.  Of the three lanes, only the far right hand lane was available for car to pass through as the other two lanes were blocked by the collision.  Police did their best to route traffic into the one available lane.  However, as expected, there were major delays around the crash at this time.   Motorists experienced residual delays as traffic slowly resumed its regular flow after the accident scene was cleared.

Accident at Exit 22 in WorcesterThe Massachusetts Turnpike was the site of an injury accident on Monday evening.  Around 9:00 pm, a call came in to the Weston, Massachusetts Police headquarters regarding reports of an injury accident at 95 and 128 on the turnpike.  Patrol officers on duty were quickly sent out to the scene to conduct an investigation into the crash.

As officers quickly worked to secure the crash scene, traffic had to be diverted from the area.  This resulted in some delays for passing motorists, although the relatively late hour of the crash meant that delays were not as bad as they otherwise would have been.  Officers further took note that one person was injured in the crash.  Medical aid was given on scene.  There is no current update on the condition of those injured or the sequence of events leading up to the crash.  Identities of the drivers and any passengers involved in the crash were not immediately released by the Weston police.

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