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Road Closed at Grist Mill Due to AccidentA crash with injuries was reported to police late Monday evening in Quncy, Massachusetts.  This crash occurred within the city limits at Furnace Brook Parkway near Copeland Street.  Officers with the Quincy Police Department got the call around 9:00 in the evening.  They arrived to discover an accident with more than one car and injuries to the involved victims.

Medical personnel were summoned to Furnace Brook Parkway to render first aid to those injured.  Treatment was given on scene.  There is no word on whether anyone was hospitalized due to this crash or to what extent the injuries are considered to be serious.  Police are still investigating what might have caused the Monday evening crash to occur.  No indication yet on whether any of the drivers involved will be charged for their role in the accident.  The accident left no residual effects on traffic as it was quickly cleared and motorists in the Quincy area resumed their morning commute.

Massachusetts Car Crash

Posted on April 30, 2018

four deadMotorcycle fatalities are up once against due to the weather becoming much brighter. An Easton man passed away in a fatal motorcycle accident that took place in Easton on Sunday night, which marked the third deadly motorcycle accident involving someone from Massachusetts in four days.

The first accident took place when a 25-year-old man from Lowell died following a crash when he was traveling at high rates of speed. On Friday morning, a 31-year-old lost his life when he crashed into a furniture truck in Somerset while riding his motorcycle. And, lastly, a 26-year-old lost his life when speeding in Quincy on his motorcycle, which caused him to lose control.

New details have been released on the Quincy accident that saw a car crash into a Quarry Street home on Sunday.

Initially, it was reported that only one vehicle crashed into the building. However, an additional vehicle also crashed into a home on that night. They were a Quincy two car crash into homeChevy pick up truck and a Pontiac Sport Utility Vehicle.

The accident resulted in occupants of the home having to be relocated due to the level of damage. A government official from Quincy decided that the home was not habitable after all, cutting the power and gas.

The cause of the accident was revealed to be a medical problem that preceded the first driver’s impact into the second car, which ended with both vehicles crashing into the home. The second driver, also a male, sustained no injuries.

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A male driver on Quarry Street in Quincy, smashed into a home with such a severe impact that he had to be transported to Southshore Medical Center, on Sunday. He was driving downhill, and for unknown reasons the vehicle swerved off the pavement, initially colliding with a couple of vehicles in a driveway before hitting the house. Quincy car crash into home

Witnesses living nearby could see the aftermath of the collision, the truck protruding from the home. One witness noted that the driver was conscious immediately after the crash, but appeared confused. Several neighbors rushed to the scene. A neighbor of the home reported that this is not the first time a vehicle has crashed into that house, and not the first time that particular portion of the house was hit. The house was empty at the time of this accident.

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