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UPolice Officer Stabbed in Neck
The criminal acts that lead to injury or death can be difficult to understand.

A police officer was severely hurt on Thursday morning after she was stabbed in the neck while trying to handcuff a woman.

The 39-year-old woman who stopped the officer is in custody. The stabbing happened at around 10 in the morning at 5 Constitution Plaza.

Gas Leak Prompts Evacuation of School in Springfield
A natural gas leak at a home on Windermere Street caused the evacuation of Samuel Bowles School on Thursday morning. This happened in Springfield.

Authorities say the gas leak was noticed at the school which sits next to the vacant home at 142 Windermere Street. The leak was reported at around 9 in the morning.

It is unclear at this time if there were injuries involved in this incident.

 Police Identify Victims in Jamaica Plain
At around 9:40 in the evening on Friday, May 4, officers responded to shots fired at 277 Centre Street. They investigated the area and found two adult males suffering from gunshot wounds. Both of them were taken to area hospital. Both victims later succumbed to their injuries.

The victims have been identified as Christopher Joyce, 23, and Claborn Blair, 68.

Police are still investigating this incident.

EMS En Route to Prentiss
We want to bring you current stories about accidents news across the state of Massachusetts. As we do so, we will sometimes bring you initial reports as well as more detailed stories. With initial reports, sometimes only a few details will be known at first. Then, once we find out more about these incidents, we will update these stories.

Boston EMS reported that P2/A22 was en route to Prentiss Street for a person shot. This happened in Roxbury. This occurred at around 10 in the morning on May 7.

This is all that is known at this time.

2 Gunshot Incidents in 3 Weeks on Same StreetGunshots were fired on a street in Brockton for the second time in just three weeks.

Gunshots were heard on Friday night. Police received a call that a vehicle sped away from the area and turned onto Spring Street.

Officers responded to the area and found four 9mm shell casings located at 17 Nye Square. No victims were found.

EMS Responds to Temple Place Shooting

On May 2, EMS responded to Temple Place after getting a report about a person shot in the area. Units confirmed that person was shot, and all units were committed. A1/P1/Squad 80/C 17/C8 responded.

This is all that is known about this incident at this time.

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