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bicyclecrossingsign-300x225Quincy, MA (July 5, 2018) – A bicyclist in Quincy, Massachusetts suffered serious injuries after being struck by a hit and run driver on July 4th.  The collision occurred on Whitwell and Deldorf Streets around 8:20 pm Wednesday.  The bicyclist is identified by police as a 61 year old man.  He was struck by a vehicle operated by 39 year old Paul Mignosa of Quincy.

Mignosa fled the scene after the collision but was located by police a short distance away.  He was charged with hit and run, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and OUI causing serious injury.  Mignosa was arrested and taken into police custody.

The 61 year old bicyclist, whose name was not released, was transported to a hospital with serious head and leg injuries according to Quincy police.  No further word on the man’s condition is available as of Thursday evening.

1177205_bicycles_in_amsterdam-300x200Cambridge, MA (June 28, 2018) – A bicyclist in Cambridge, Massachusetts was hurt on Wednesday when they were struck by a car door.  The bicyclist was riding on Cambridge Street just after 9:00 am when they approached a parked car.  The driver was still inside the vehicle and opened their door to get out.   However, prior to opening the door, the driver failed to see the oncoming bicyclist.  The door struck the bicyclist, knocking them off their bicycle.

The motor vehicle driver failed to stay at the scene.  The cyclist then left the area to locate Cambridge police.  Once an officer was located, the cyclist reported the incident to police.  Police were able to contact the driver and issued a them a citation for an unsafe movement.  The bicyclist sustained injuries as a result of being struck by the door, however, the injuries do not appear to be serious.

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Boston Police encountered multiple bicycle vs. vehicle accidents on Wednesday evening.  One such accident took place at 6:00 pm on Francis Parkman Drive.  Boston police officer John Keneally received a call regarding a bicyclist suffering from injuries following a crash with a vehicle at the accident location.  Officer Keneally headed towards the crash site along with medical personnel.   The bicyclist did receive medical attention from first responders on the scene.

Boston police have not revealed additional details surrounding the nature of this bicycle accident, including how the bicyclist was struck and whether the driver of the vehicle was at fault for the collision.   Police did not immediately issue any charges in connection with the crash.  At this time, we do not believe that the accident caused any life-threatening injuries.

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