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download-2In shocking news out of Andover this afternoon, two people suffered serious injuries in a propane gas tank explosion.  The explosion took place around 4:00 pm at a Mobil gas station on Osgood Street.  Rescue and emergency officials quickly arrived on scene after receiving calls regarding the blast.  The injured victims sustained severe injuries and had to be airlifted to local hospitals.  There was no further update on their condition.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration currently has officials on site working to determine the cause of the blast.  The gas station will remain closed while investigators continue to work on site.  There is no word on when the store will re-open for business.  The victims of the explosion were not immediately identified.

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On Wednesday at about 10:15 a.m., three different sets of fire units were requested to handle a house fire at 90 Ashland Street. The fire took almost an hour toMalden House FIre be squelch, and numerous individuals had to evacuate as a result.

Nearly half a dozen of those individuals that had to relocate were adults. A female, 86 years in age, was inside the building requiring a Malden Police Officer to enter the building to recover her before the arrival of Malden Fire.

The catalyst for the fire is unknown at this time.

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