Octagenarian Escape House Fire with Help of Police in Malden

On Wednesday at about 10:15 a.m., three different sets of fire units were requested to handle a house fire at 90 Ashland Street. The fire took almost an hour toMalden House FIre be squelch, and numerous individuals had to evacuate as a result.

Nearly half a dozen of those individuals that had to relocate were adults. A female, 86 years in age, was inside the building requiring a Malden Police Officer to enter the building to recover her before the arrival of Malden Fire.

The catalyst for the fire is unknown at this time.

House Fire Lawsuits

House fires are actually an accident that most people will experience. House fires do not only destroy property but can be fatal to the occupants. A Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit from a house fire requires a determination of the cause of the fire. Typically, a house fire does not occur from human error but from product error. As such the manufacturer or installer of the product could face a lawsuit for injuries they negligently caused.

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