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download-3-4Wellesley, MA (June 29, 2018) – Police in Wellesley, Massachusetts responded to a two car crash along Route 9 Friday.  The call came in just after 10:00 am in reference to a crash with injuries on Route 9 at Westgate Road. Wellesley police along with fire and EMS officials responded to the scene.  Police discovered that at least one driver was injured in this crash.  The injuries are described as not life-threatening.  The injured driver accepted medical care on the scene.

Police are still investigating the circumstances leading up to this crash.   The names of the drivers have not been released nor has a cause for the collision.  Traffic was momentarily affected by the crash but soon returned to its normal flow after the wreckage was cleared away by police.

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Accident on Blue Hill AvenueWorcester, MA (June 29, 2018) – Worcester police were called to an injury accident in the 1 block of Kendall Street at rush hour on Thursday afternoon. Police received a call at 5:00 pm regarding an accident with injuries that had just occurred at this location.  In response to the call, Worcester police, fire and ambulance officials were all dispatched to the accident scene.  Once there, police blocked off the area while fire and EMS workers aided the injured.

This crash involved multiple vehicles and there were injuries, although the extent of injuries remains unknown at this time.  Police have not said what caused the accident or provided any information on whether they expect to issue traffic citations for any legal violations that may have taken place leading up to the crash.  The identities of the drivers are not known at this time.

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images-1-7Boston, MA (June 28, 2018) – Multiple accidents with injuries were reported across Boston on Thursday.  Some of the accidents involved bicyclists and pedestrians while some involved two or more vehicles colliding with each other.  A multiple vehicle accident took place at 9:40 pm on American Legion Highway.  Officers with the Boston police department were called to the scene shortly thereafter.  Officers quickly discovered that at least one person was injured in the accident.  Medical care was required and administered on scene.

Police blocked off a section of the roadway while they investigated and cleared the crash.  No additional details were immediately available.  Traffic was affected by the lane closures caused by the accident but quickly resumed its normal flow after officers completed their crash investigation and re-opened the affected lanes.

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Brockton two car utility pole crashBoston, MA (June 28, 2018) – The Boston Police Department and rescue workers responded to an accident with injuries that took place in the city on Thursday evening.  The accident happened just before 7:00 pm when two cars collided in the 1100 block of Massachusetts Avenue.  Officer Fred Ferrara of the BPD was among the group of first responders to come to the crash location.  Officer Ferrara secured the scene while he worked to investigate the cause of the crash.

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that at least one person suffered injuries requiring medical treatment.  Treatment was given on scene and the injuries are not life-threatening.  Police are still investigating the crash and have given no further information on the cause or identities of those involved.  There were some traffic delays while police worked to clear away the wreckage and re-open the road for traffic.

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983414_bicycle_path-224x300Boston, MA (June 29, 2018) – A bicyclist in Boston was struck by a car and injured on Thursday.  The bicyclist was hit on 51 Lincoln Street just past 12:00 pm.  Boston police officers received the call and responded to the scene.  Officer Michael Rideout was one of the first officers to respond.  Officer Rideout took the lead and investigated the accident.

The bicyclist’s injuries were not life-threatening but did require medical treatment.  Police offered no update on the condition of the bicyclist.  All involved in this accident remained on scene to cooperate with the police investigation into the crash.  Neither the driver nor the bicyclist were identified and there is no immediate indication as to whether police intend to issue citations associated with the incident.

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14-5-300x195Chatham, MA (June 28, 2018) – Chatham police were called to the scene of a two vehicle crash on Thursday morning.  The crash happened along Route 28, near Harwich.  A Honda Civic and Nissan Coupe were involved in the crash.  Both cars sustained front-end damage but it is unclear at this time how the crash occurred.

One of the drivers in the accident sustained injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening.  The injured driver was taken to nearby Cape Cod Hospital for further evaluation.  No charges were immediately filed as a result of the crash, however, Chatham police are continuing to investigate at this time.

Boston Personal Injury Lawyers, MA (June 28, 2018) – Worcester police responded to one accident after another on Wednesday.   One such accident occurred in heart of downtown in the 1 block of East Central Street.  The crash took place just after 2:00 pm.  That is when Worcester police received reports of a multiple vehicle crash with injuries at this location.

Police were quickly dispatched to the scene.  Once there, they identified the vehicles involved and began to assess the situation for damage and injuries.  Unfortunately, injuries were reported in this crash.  At this time, the extent and condition of those injured is not known.  Traffic around the area was affected temporarily as police worked to clear the cars away from the accident scene.  Traffic was temporarily re-routed while the roadway remained blocked.  Eventually, the area was cleared and traffic returned to normal. This accident remains under investigation at the Worcester Police Department.

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Accident on Belgrade AvenueWorcester, MA (June 28, 2018) – Worcester police had another active day on Wednesday responding to a rash of motor vehicle crashes across the city.  Around 9:00 pm police were called to the 400 block of Granite Street in reference to a multiple vehicle accident with injuries.  Upon arrival, police located an injured victim in the roadway as well as the vehicles and drivers involved in the crash.

A preliminary investigation was conducted into the accident although the results of the investigation were not released by police.  The injured victim received on scene medical treatment but at this time it is unknown whether the injuries are serious or life-threatening.  The victim has not been identified by police and no charges have been issued in this crash.  Further information will be provided should any new details of the accident become available.

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27826443258_b358ca39e1_b-300x300Cambridge, MA (June 28, 2018) – An MIT police officer was on routine patrol Wednesday when he was struck by a vehicle at an intersection.  The accident occurred around 10:30 am when the MIT officer was working detail patrol on Vassar Street.  At that time, Cambridge police say a vehicle approached the intersection and failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.  The vehicle operator proceeded through the stop sign an struck the officer.  The officer, who has not been identified at this time, suffered injuries which are not considered to be life-threatening.

The crash investigation remains ongoing at this time with the Cambridge Police Department.  The driver, who was also not identified, was issued a citation for failure to yield.  There is no word on the condition of the injured MIT officer.

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Hit-and-Run Accident on Washington SquareSpringfield, MA (June 28, 2018) – A three car collision took place in Springfield, Massachusetts on Wednesday afternoon.  The crash occurred just after 4:30 pm according to Dennis Leger, Executive Aid to the Springfield Fire Commissioner.  At that time, three vehicles were traveling on Liberty Street when they all somehow collided with one another.  Police and fire officials have not said how the collision occurred or who may be at fault for it occurring.

At least one woman was injured in the crash.  Police and firefighters had to extricate her from the car.  Once she was removed, she was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries that do no appear to be life-threatening. There is no word on if the other two drivers were injured.  Springfield police continue to investigate the accident and have not issued any charges at this time.

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