Motorcycle Crash on Route 146 in Sutton Causes Injuries

In the latter part of Monday, a male riding a motorcycle was hurt in a crash on Route 146 in Sutton. He was from Whitinsville. Motorcycle Crash on Route 146 in Sutton Causes Injuries

The nearly 30-year-old rider was transported via ambulance to Worcester’s UMass Memorial Medical Center – University Campus with severe injuries.

The Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction division has begun an inquiry into the accident. The 1991 Harley-Davidson motorcycle was the single vehicle involved. The rider was traveling southbound at nearly 5 p.m. when the crash happened. The scene was being evaluated until about 7:30 p.m.

Road Conditions and Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are known to be generally more dangerous than motor vehicles. However, they have much more maneuverability on the highway. Whenever there is a single vehicle crash involving a motorcycle, any Massachusetts personal injury attorney will inquire as to the condition of the highway as a possible contributing factor.

Although a motorcycle can travel at a high rate of speed, its maneuverability allows it to ideally avoid visible dangers in the road. However, if there are signs or barriers blocking something inherently dangerous to a rider, and that rider is hurt as a result, the government may be liable to him or her in a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit.

The government or entity in charge of maintaining the highways and roads in Sutton are charged with making sure those roads are safe to drive on. A highway, can sometimes be maintained by multiple agencies like the state and local entities where it crosses over city or state lines. Therefore, it is important to speak with a knowledge Massachusetts personal injury attorney who has experience litigation with government entities.

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