I-93 Crash Results in Serious Injuries, Highway Shut Down

At about mid-morning today, there was a serious crash resulting in severe injuries on the I-93 northbound. The highway in Milton was closed off to traffic. I-93 Crash Results in Serious Injuries, Highway Shut Down

Massachusetts State Police were dispatched to the area around 11:30 a.m. Signs of the crash were discovered nearly half a mile before the Granite Avenue exit.

Law enforcement did allow through traffic in the left-hand travel lane, and the rest of the highway was opened up around 12:00 p.m.

State police have not identified the driver of the vehicle(s), nor the extent of the injuries.

Car Accident Personal Injury Lawsuit

Car accidents on the Interstate 93 in Massachusetts are not uncommon. No matter where a motorists drives in this state, he or she must always exercise due caution to prevent injury to others on the road. Sometimes, however, a motorist may do everything right and still find themselves injured in a car accident. It may be as a victim of another negligent driver. It may be as a victim of roads or highways in disrepair.

It may also be the fault of another driver who has failed to secure his or her load on the bed of a truck, or any other vehicle. At the speeds seen on Interstate 93, being a cautious driver includes making sure all loads on a vehicle are secure. If there is falling debris that crashes into a car, or is even left on the highway causing danger to future motorists, then a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit can be filed.

The victim of falling debris, can often obtain the license plate of the vehicle from which the debris fell – assuming the vehicle doesn’t stop to exchange information. The personal injury lawsuit may be based on a negligence per se claim, meaning that the act itself is clearly negligent. Where in Massachusetts, there are laws prohibiting carrying loads without properly securing them and a motorist is injured as a result, then it is negligence per se – because the law was violated.

If you have been injured on Interstate 93 and another party injured you be his or her negligence, call the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers at (617) 777-7777 today for a consultation anytime of day.

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