Man Evading Police in Worcester Slams into Multiple Vehicles and a Building

In the middle of the night, of the early morning hours today, a man in Worcester was avoiding police and wound up hitting multiple cars and crashing into a buildingMan Evading Police in Worcester Slams into Multiple Vehicles and a Building

The man, Christopher Mason, is 31-years-old, and sped his vehicle through the streets of Chilmark and Steward and about 2:35 a.m. today. He is a resident of Worcester. He also attempted to flee after hitting the building.

In total, he ran into three vehicles stationed on Chilmark Street, while driving his pick up truck. At least one of the vehicles had an occupant, a 21-year-old female found screaming in her vehicle. She sustained back and neck injuries as a result of the impact. She was taken to a hospital to treat her injuries.

According to witness Tricia Cariglis-Bugbee, Mason suddenly accelerated speed on his pickup truck, speeding past her vehicle. She witnessed the truck jump over a median and swerve on the road. She reported the incident via 911 immediately.

Law enforcement came upon Mason on Shrewsbury Street where he was asked to stop. He ignored police commands and made his way to Casco Street. He fled onto Albany Street where he ultimately slammed into a building.

At some point, Mason also careened into a semitrailor on Muskeego Street while avoiding officers. He drove through Shrewsbury Street, Waite Street and Wilson Street in the law enforcement pursuit. Officers on foot narrowly avoiding being struck by his pick up truck when it sped on to the sidewalk.

He was ultimately arrested when he finally came to a stop. It is unknown why he suddenly stopped. However, officers uncovered half a dozen bags of cocaine in the pick up truck after his arrest.

Mason will be facing charges of attempted murder, disturbing the pease, failure to stop for police, possession of cocaine and other traffic infractions.

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