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At about 5 a.m. on Monday, Brockton Fire  arrived at a street corner in Brockton to find one silver vehicle plowed into a utility pole. A second black Brockton two car utility pole crashvehicle  appeared to have run into the street sign next to the utility pole on the same block. There are no further details available at the moment, however, video was captured by BLTV News on Twitter.

Utility Pole vs Car Lawsuit

Thousands of utility pole collisions happen across the country annually. Utility pole placement alone can be determined to be the cause of some accidents. If a utility pole was placed in an area that made it more likely for a car accident to occur, then the owner of the pole would be liable for the accident injuries.

A late night accident occurred on Saturday, April 14th on Carew Street in Springfield. A 66-year-old man Springfield Utility Pole Collision Injuryripped his Porsche into after running in two after colliding with a utility pole. It was well into the early morning hours of Sunday April 15th, when the road was cleared and he was transported with severe injuries.

The impact broke apart the utility pole as well. The Chicopee Police crash reconstruction team is evaluating the incident.

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