Springfield Man Splits Car in Two in Accident with Utility Pole

A late night accident occurred on Saturday, April 14th on Carew Street in Springfield. A 66-year-old man Springfield Utility Pole Collision Injuryripped his Porsche into after running in two after colliding with a utility pole. It was well into the early morning hours of Sunday April 15th, when the road was cleared and he was transported with severe injuries.

The impact broke apart the utility pole as well. The Chicopee Police crash reconstruction team is evaluating the incident.

Utility Pole Collisions

Utility pole collisions account for the second ranked cause of deadly stable-object car accidents. There is even available online “A Guide for Reducing Collisions Involving Utility Poles.” Nearly half of all utility pole accidents result in some form of injury to the occupant of the vehicle. The accidents usually occur in bad climate conditions, evening conditions, and, surprisingly, half occur in clear morning hours.

It is clear that there is some intervening cause resulting in utility pole collisions. Identifying the cause will assist a Massachusetts personal injury attorney in determining if the injured party has cause to file a personal injury lawsuit. Sometimes, another driver will cause the injured party to veer off the road into the utility pole. If that driver was negligent in doing so, the injured party has a claim. A piece of equipment in the vehicle could be the cause of the accident, and the manufacturer would be at fault in a products liability action. In other instances, a city or municipality may have liability if the highway was not properly maintained.

These are just some scenarios the lawyers at the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers have encountered in numerous personal injury lawsuits. Give us a call at (617) 777-7777 so that we can go over the unique facts of your case. If a utility pole accident caused you to be injured and a third party is at fault, our Boston utility pole collision law firm can assist you.

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