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Boston Police Car AccidentNorthampton, MA (July 4, 2018) – A pedestrian suffered injuries after being struck by a police cruiser in Northampton, Massachusetts on Tuesday.  The collision took place in Pulaski Park while police were en route to a call about a suicidal person with a knife.  The woman who was struck suffered non life-threatening injuries.  She was transported to a nearby hospital to receive further evaluation, according to Northampton Police Chief Jodi Kasper.

The woman’s name has not been released.  Police were able to apprehend the knife-wielding suspect with no additional injuries to anyone involved.  It is unclear at this time if the responsible officer will be charged with hitting the pedestrian.

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downloadA bicyclist was seriously injured in an overnight crash.  The crash took place Friday evening in Northampton, Massachusetts. The Northampton Police were called to a scene at New South Street at approximately 1:00 am upon a report of a bicyclist striking a vehicle.  Officers responded along with members of the department’s accident reconstruction team.

While on scene, officers were able to determine that a vehicle was stopped at the stoplight in the intersection.  The bicyclist came up from behind and struck the vehicle.  Northampton Police Sargeant Greg Korepta says the driver of the vehicle remained at the scene and cooperated with the police investigation.  At this time, no charges have been issued against the driver and it is unclear if any will be forthcoming.  The bicyclist’s condition was not immediately available.

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