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Woman Sues Fence Maker Over After Sister Dies in Car Accident
Accidents that caused fatalities can be particularly difficult to understand. They leave family and friends grieving.

Ashley Hartung died after she was impaled by a guard rail. Her sister, Crystal Legassey, is filing a wrongful death suit against the fencing company who made the rail alleging that it was faulty. The incident occurred after Hartung was in a car accident and her vehicle vaulted \ curb and struck the guardrail.

The negligent actions of other people that lead to fatalities can be particularly painful for family members. We know how devastating these accidents can be. Lack of safety measures being taken can have deadly consequences. Victims and their families can seek to recover their rights in these cases.

Update: Hampden DA Identified Man Shot at Bus Stop

It can be hard to understand why people commit violent acts against other people.

A man was fatally shot at a bus stop shelter in the South End on Sunday night. The man has now been identified as Angel Calo, 36. Police are seeking help from the public as they look for the person who shot him.

We would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Angel Calo. The criminal actions of another person can be so hard to understand. When someone decides to commit a violent act against another, the family and friends of the person who passed away can seek compensation and justice. They deserve to at least seek to recover their rights.

Man from Dorchester Arrested for Jamaica Plain Murders
Police have arrested the many from Dorchester who was connected with two deaths in Jamaica Plain earlier this month.

Wilvin Guity, 28, has been charged with two counts of murder for the May 4 shooting deaths of Christopher Joyce and Clayborn Blair.

News of this arrest is said to have brought some closure to the families of the victims.

State Police Investigate Crash in Swansea
This is an update on a story we posted on earlier this week.

The operator of a 2003 Jeep Liberty died when his vehicle hit another vehicle has been identified. He has been tentatively identified as John Souza, 38, from Cranston, Rhode Island.

This incident occurred on May 10 at around 2:10 in the morning.

2 Women Charged in Connection to Found Burned Body
Two women are facing charges connected to the death of a man. The man’s burned body was found in an empty field. Alondra Gil and Mercedes Diaz-Wright, both 22, have been arraigned on charges including perjury.

The women allegedly misled police officers.  

The body of the man, Daniel Cruz, 44, was round in a field in March.

Driver Dies in Chelmsford Crash
Police in Chelmsford are looking into a crash that happened late on Tuesday night. This accident caused the death of one person.

The incident took place on Main Street at around midnight.

One person was killed after he hit his car into a tree. The driver is reported to be 24-years-old.

Update: Haverhill Man Struck by SUV Dies
This is an update on a story we reported on earlier this week.

A 68-year-old man from Haverhill who was hit by an SUV while crossing Main Street on Sunday afternoon passed away because of his injuries. This information comes from the Essex District Attorney’s Office.

Police say the incident occurred at around 5 in the evening.

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