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Most people have heard that NBA superstar Lamar Odom was admitted to the hospital after being found unconscious at a legal brothel in Nevada last month. Dennis Hof, owner of the infamous brothel, said Odom arrived at the brothel on October 10th and asked for two escorts to take him to the VIP room. He then asked for all employees to sign a confidentiality agreement and was not seen until October 13th, when he was found unresponsive in his room. He was rushed to the hospital, where he placed on life support.

457973__1Doctors determined that he had suffered from several strokes and kidney failure in what was initially reported as a drug-related episode. At first, many people thought he was dead, and then a day later, it was revealed that he was alive but had suffered severe brain damage. He reportedly cannot recognize his family or perform basic tasks. Continue reading

Those who followed the United States Open tennis tournament are probably aware that tennis star Eugenie Bouchard was injured in an alleged slip and fall incident in the trainer’s room at the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (NTC) in Flushing, New York.

tennis-fun-2-1398396She recently filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York against the USTA, in which she alleges the organization had allowed a foreign substance to accumulate on the floor of the trainer’s room at the NTC, and this caused her to slip and fall, which resulted in a serious head injury. Specifically, her complaint alleges that following a match in the evening, she went to the trainer’s room inside the female locker room, where she slipped on the then-unknown substance and was seriously injured. Continue reading

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan will be hosting Saturday Night Live soon, and, as part of a promo for the upcoming show, Morgan can be seen with fellow cast members joking about the fact that he is still recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) he recently suffered and for which he is still recovering.   Morgan was involved in a serious car accident that left him in a coma for eight days. Morgan said when he finally woke up and was told he had been in a serious car accident, he was just thrilled to learn the accident was not his fault. This type of joke at his own expense is very much in the style of his standup comedy.

774605_car_accident_2Morgan’s car accident occurred in the summer of 2014 and left him with several broken bones as well as head trauma, which resulted in the traumatic brain injury.   He was riding in his limo at the time of the accident when a truck hit them from behind, causing the car crash. Continue reading

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