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Fire in Amherst Multi-Family Home Causes Injuries to One Person and Displaces 20 Others

Chicopee Apartment FireFirefighters responded to a fire in a multi-family home early Sunday morning, April 29, 2018 on Main Street.  The fire broke out around 2:55 am on the third story.

One person was found on the third floor and needed to be removed from the residence.  Some of the residents were pouring water on the fire trying to put it out, after the smoke alarms were going off.  Most of the residents did not need assistance leaving the home.

According to a recent article from the National Law Review, there are various new techniques to treat serious burn injuries.  This is very good news as burn injuries are among the most painful type of personal injury a victim can suffer. Further, they can also result in death due to secondary infections.

fuego-1178889-300x225The reason there is such a high risk of secondary infections is because your skin is the best way to prevent infection, as it serves a barrier to harmful microbes. After a serious burn injury, there is no skin to protect the body from this harmful bacteria. In addition to the risk of serious infections, there is a lot of pain and suffering associated with burn injuries because of the nerve damage which often occurs when the skin is destroyed.  Continue reading

Among all types of personal injuries, burn injuries are among the most painful. A recent article from the National Law Review looks at what victims of burn injury cases go though and some of the things they can do to help ease pain and suffering.

fuego-1178889-300x225One of the first things to realize is that burn injuries are more common than one might think. In the United States alone, there were nearly half a million burn injuries in 2015. While an overall statistic like this tells the story on a large scale, it does not capture the personal journey each burn victim goes through during the accident and the recovery, if they were able to survive. In many cases, the pain will last far after the day the injury occurred. Continue reading

Burn injuries are among the most serious and painful types of personal injury one could experience. What people may not be aware of is that in addition to the pain and suffering as a result of the damage to the skin and nerves, without the skin to protect the wound, there is a high risk for developing serious and even fatal infections. In fact, secondary infection is one of the major causes of injuries following a serious burn accident.

1300912_2010_live_burns_at_the_brayton_fire_fielsAnother misconception many people have about burn injuries is that a third degree burn is the worst type of burn. There are actually four types of burn injuries doctors see in a typical personal injury burn case. A first degree burn is the mildest and is typically caused by the sun and causes redness on the skin. A second degree burn involves damage to the outer layers of skin and can involve blistering and bleeding. A third degree burn involves a burn of all layers of skin, muscle and connective tissue and is extremely painful and has a high risk of infection. The worst type of burn is a fourth degree burn that involves a full thickness burn when even the bone is destroyed by the heat and fire. Continue reading

According to a recent news article from 12 News Now, a volunteer firefighter who was badly burned in a fire has undergone the most extensive face transplant performed to date.   As part of the operation, he received a new face, scalp and neck tissue. After being left legally blind following his accident, because his face was too damaged for his eyes to see, he expects he will finally be able to regain his vision and drive again, which has been his dream.

stethascope1The first face transplant surgery was performed in France around a decade ago, and it is the same doctor who headed up the transplant and reconstruction teams for this volunteer firefighter. He considers this latest surgery to be his most successful operation ever, and it was far more involved than earlier ones, due to the extent of burn damage and what they are able to do to repair it. Continue reading