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Thirty-one-year-old Katherine Ibanez was driving her car in Attleboro earlier this month, when she suddenly jerked her car to avoid hitting another car.

In Ibanez’ own words today, we learned:Katherine Ibanez Speaks About Being Impaled in Car Crash

“My car just spun all the way around. And then when I looked down, I had a pole stuck right here, [chest]”

The foot-long pole crashed through her windshield and into her arm, chest and back. Her lung was punctured in the collision. The pole caused extensive damage throughout her body, but sparing her main artery.

Ibanez was admitted for nine days in the hospital and her medical procedures are not over. She has already had numerous blood transfusions and surgeries, with more to come.

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Law enforcement officers report today, that a man in his 30s was transported to a hospital after suffering harm in a car accident in Attleboro.Driver Loses Control of Vehicle in Attleboro, Sustains Injuries

The accident occurred when he lost control of the Jeep on Highland Avenue at approximately 9:00 p.m. on Friday.

The vehicle also suffered injury.

The accident is being investigated by police.

There is no further information on whether another vehicle was involved.

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Car collisions are sudden. They happen in the middle of a tranquil, uneventful drive. That quick minute can result in minor injuries or tragic fatality. Photograph Massachusetts personal injuries

Once you are safe from the immediate harm of the accident, shock can quickly set in. It can be hard to think or understand the gravity of the situation. These may be some of the most crucial moments in the life of your personal injury lawsuit. This is why it is important to take pictures of the vehicle, the surroundings, the people, even your clothes and skin.

The American Association of Justice reports that insurance companies are very profitable. They are so profitable because they can be incredibly successful in denying accident claims. Your photos will back up your words. Without your photos, it becomes easier for an insurance adjuster to put the culpability of the accident on you, low-balling the cost of the damage, and arguing that your injuries are not that severe.

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