Katherine Ibanez Speaks About Being Impaled in Car Crash

Thirty-one-year-old Katherine Ibanez was driving her car in Attleboro earlier this month, when she suddenly jerked her car to avoid hitting another car.

In Ibanez’ own words today, we learned:Katherine Ibanez Speaks About Being Impaled in Car Crash

“My car just spun all the way around. And then when I looked down, I had a pole stuck right here, [chest]”

The foot-long pole crashed through her windshield and into her arm, chest and back. Her lung was punctured in the collision. The pole caused extensive damage throughout her body, but sparing her main artery.

Ibanez was admitted for nine days in the hospital and her medical procedures are not over. She has already had numerous blood transfusions and surgeries, with more to come.

Impalement and Car Accident Lawsuits

Some of the injuries that motorists can sustain in a car accident can be particularly bizarre. One of the most severe is called an impalement injury. It can be fatal due to the inherent risk of massive blood loss from the injury site.

As bizarre as an impalement injury may seem, they can happen in different way causing different types of traumatic injuries.  In a car accident, it is possible for the occupant to be impaled by a piece of the car or an outside object. A piece of the vehicle frame may impale an occupant on any part of the body.

A witness to such a severe accident may want to pull the object out of the impaled victim. However, that is not be the best option because of the risk of bleeding, which the bystander may not be able to control, causing a possible fatality.

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