Woman Injured by Deer in Hunting Accident

While it is not the favorite pastime of everyone in the greater Boston area, deer hunting is actually quite popular in much of Massachusetts and throughout New England. As we find ourselves in hunting season, it is not surprising to hear about hunting accidents on the news.   While not every routine accident will make the news, some capture the public attention more than others.

deer-1387132According to a recent news feature from M Live, one woman, who is not a hunter, was apparently walking through a plowed-over cornfield with her daughter when her daughter saw a deer through her binoculars. It was a buck deer that they assumed had been shot and was dead. At this point, she decided they should take the deer and use the meat to feed the family. It is not unheard of for a hunter to shoot a deer, but the deer gets away only to die a short time later.

She then watched the deer get up and try to walk, so they assumed, while it was still living, it was nearly dead. She decided to approach the deer and, if necessary, use her machete to kill it. However, she did not believe she would have to use the machete, since it was so close to death.

When she got close to the deer, she realized it was not as injured as she thought, when it got up and “lunged” at her. At this point, she grabbed the deer by the antlers and threw the injured deer to the ground and jumped on top of it. While she had successfully managed to subdue the buck deer, she was afraid to get up out of a fear that it would attack her again. The deer did manage to kick her while being pinned on the ground several times.   The deer managed to thrash around and injure the woman again as she held it down.

Her daughter called 911, and a sheriff’s deputy eventually arrived and shot the deer. The woman was also given a special permit tag to take the deer, so her father-in-law processed the meat for the family. He said it was a 10-point buck that weighed over 150 pounds. At this point, the woman was treated for injuries and went home with her family. She said she had not counted the points, because she was only concerned with getting the meat to feed her family.

While this is not your typical hunting accident, there are many hunting accidents that occur each year across Massachusetts. Some of these accidents are truly a result of negligence and would be a valid basis for filing a personal injury lawsuit. This is especially true if you were injured by another hunter who was under the influence of alcohol or even drugs while out in the field. While you would think most people would want to be sober when handling a firearm, there are actually quite a lot of hunting injuries that involve an intoxicated hunter.

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