Two Car Accident with Injuries in Holyoke

download-4-1A two car accident took place in Holyoke, Massachusetts on Friday evening.  The crash happened at Northampton and Beech Streets.  Around 9:00 pm Holyoke police were called out to the accident scene in response to a crash with injuries.  When they arrived, police found one vehicle damaged and missing its passenger wheel.  The wheel was later located on a nearby sidewalk.

In addition to police, ambulance and Holyoke fire department personnel also arrived at the scene shortly after the crash occurred.  The injured victims were given treatment at the crash scene.  There is not an indication given at this time that the injuries sustained are life-threatening. This crash investigation remains active and the scene is still being investigated by Holyoke Police.  More details will be provided regarding this accident should they become available.

Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney

We are glad to hear that all involved in this crash apparently escaped catastrophic injuries.  With many accidents resulting in severe injuries, the outcome is not always so fortunate.   In these cases, the damage from a car accident lingers long after your car is towed from the scene.  Long-lasting and debilitating injuries can have a huge impact on your quality of life following a crash.  No one is ever prepared for this scenario and we realize how scary it can be when you are facing an uncertain future due to injuries you have sustained in a car wreck that was not even your fault. In these times, you should seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

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