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Enfield Police announced on Sunday that the I-91 ramp off the Massachusetts border will reopen Monday, April 16th. The ramp will reopen after being closed for nearly a week due to a rollover crash of a tractor-trailer causing an enormous oil spill on the highway. The driver of the tanker was identified as 32-year-old Jonathan Andrew Edwards. Reports indicate that he did not clear the turn on the ramp which caused the rollover. The tank appears to have i-95 tanker truck crashlanded on the right shoulder. Mr. Edwards is a resident of West Springfield. He sustained injuries as a result of the rollover and was transported to St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center.

One exit, number 49, was already reopened as of late afternoon Sunday. The rest of the highway needed massive cleanup because the tanker spilled out the entirety of its front compartment and part of a second compartment, both of which carried gasoline. Nearly 3,000 gallons were cleaned up from the highway.

Three families with homes on Kalish Avenue had to leave their homes temporarily due to the gasoline spread. There were nearly six drinking wells in the area that were affected and the water was tested by the state to determine that they were not contaminated.

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