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Pride Parade Accident Injures Three, Two Police Officers and One Pedestrian
On June 10, an accident involving two motorcycles and a pedestrian was reported. The accident occurred when two police officers on motorcycles collided with each other. Police on the scene of the incident say that two on-duty officers were responding to a call of an officer needing medical help when they ran into each other and hit a pedestrian.

This incident occurred at the Pride Parade in Boston. The elderly woman who was hit was watching the parade when the accident occurred. All three people sustained injuries and were transported to Massachusetts General Hospital. The crash did not disrupt the parade, and traffic was not impacted. No fatalities were reported, and the scene was cleared within the hour. The identity of the pedestrian has not been released.

Injuries and Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident in Beverly
On June 10, the Beverly Police Department received information about a pedestrian-vehicle accident. The accident occurred around 6:15 in the evening, and emergency responders were dispatched and arrived quickly at the scene.

Once arriving at the scene on Pond and Rantoul Streets, they discovered that one pedestrian had been struck by a motor vehicle. This individual sustained injuries in the accident, and medical care was administered to them at the scene. The extent of their injuries is still being determined. No fatalities were reported, and police secure the scene within the hour. Police also took statements at the scene from the individuals who were injured in the accident as well as witnesses who were at the scene.

Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries

Accident near Beech Street
Pedestrian accidents can be some of the most severe accidents that occur on roads. Pedestrians are not protected by a vehicle, and they do not have any protective gear on. Impact with a vehicle can cause severe injuries that can have negative consequences. Drivers must follow traffic laws and remember to look out for pedestrians.

On May 29, Cambridge Police received information about a vehicle crash that involved a hit-and-run driver. The accident was reported around 6 in the evening, and first responders arrived on the scene quickly afterwards.

Upon arrival at the scene on Massachusetts Avenue near Beech Street, they found that a female pedestrian had been hit by a driver who had the fled the scene. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Police took statements from witnesses, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Pedestrian Accident on Blue Hill Avenue
Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable people on the roads. Accidents involving pedestrians can be some of the most severe as pedestrians are not protected by a vehicle or a helmet. The risk of serious injury is high with these incidents. Drivers must remember to look out for pedestrians and pedestrians must always remain vigilant.

On May 27, the Boston Police Department received a call about a pedestrian accident that occurred on 350 Blue Hill Avenue. The accident was reported around 2 in the afternoon, and police and other first responders arrived at the scene shortly afterwards.

Officer Wayne Hester was the first to arrive, and he found that a pedestrian was suffering from injuries. EMS administered care to this individual, but the extent of their injuries is still being determined. However, no fatalities were reported.

Pedestrian Accident Reported on Marcella Street
Pedestrian accidents can be severe and can cause serious injury since pedestrians are so vulnerable. It is important for vehicle drivers to remember to share the road.

Cambridge Police responded to Marcella Street for a report of a hit-and-run incident. A pedestrian was hit and had to be taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for minor injuries. This is all that is known about this accident at this time.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Woman Hit by Car and Rushed to Hospital in West Bridgewater
Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injury because pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable people on the road.

A woman suffered from life-threatening injuries after she was hit by a car on Sunday night in West Bridgewater.

This happened at West Center Street at around 9 at night. A 28-year-old woman was taken to the hospital and then air-flighted to Boston Medical Center.

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