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Accident with Injury on Exit 1 on Route 95Route 1 was a busy area for motorists early Wednesday morning and traffic was slowed due to reasons other than the normal morning commute.  Drivers using Route 1 experienced delays due to multiple traffic accidents before 7:00 am.  One such accident occurred at the off-ramp to Route 1 when two cars traveling in the same direction collided with one another just prior to exiting the highway.   There is no word on which exit is affected by the crash at this time.

There are injuries reported in this collision.  A combination of police and medical personnel are at the scene helping with the clean up effort.  While personnel remain on scene, traffic is moving very slowly around the crash area as motorists highway access is limited at this time.  The crash should be cleared shortly allowing traffic flow to pick back up again prior to 7:00.  Authorities have not provided any further details on the nature of injuries suffered in this crash or the identity of the individuals or vehicles involved.

Massachusetts Car Crash