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Hundreds of accidents occur annually due to driver’s falling asleep at the wheel. Drowsy driving causes severe impacts. Truck drivers are more likely to be involved accident due to lack of sleep because of the inherent nature of the job. Drowsy driving accident injury attorneys

The only way to be the most alert as a driver is to get sufficient sleep. Drowsy driving is more common than you think. Drivers across the country drive after a late night at work, or staying out all night for a party. Many drivers have experienced the effects of drowsy driving when they find they have nodded off for a split second. They jump to alertness when other driver’s honk their horns or they sense the car veering off-road.

Truck drivers who have to drive for long periods of time have a far more increased risk of an accident that non-commercial drivers. When one truck driver is involved in an accident due to impaired driving, it does not just affect one other non-commercial driver but possibly half of a dozen due to the size of the truck.

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