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No matter how well the visit to a prospective daycare facility goes, or how well trained the staff members seem to be, there is still some degree of anxiety experienced by most parents when they drop their child those first few times.

266401_taking_a_strollAccording to a recent news feature from NBC, a mother is questioning how her 2-year-old child was injured after an alleged fall accident at his daycare facility.  She is claiming that her child suffered a serous personal injury to his mouth as a result as result of this fall.
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In the largest furniture recall in American history, Swedish company IKEA has recalled more than 29 million chests and drawers following the third child death and dozens of child injuries in three years. child

Based on data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), not only is this furniture recall the largest that has ever been issued, the second-largest furniture recall wasn’t even close. In that case, 10 million beanbag chairs sold by nine separate companies between 1971 and 1995. In that case, at least five children had died after reportedly unzipping those beanbag chairs and swallowing the small pellets inside, choking to death. Then there was the recall of some 2.1 million folding child folding chairs after the locks kept failing and little fingers were getting pinched in the hinges.

This recall was three times bigger than the beanbag recall. Part of the problem is the way Ikea furniture is designed. It’s lightweight and has low stability ratings. These dressers have reportedly killed at least six children since 1989, beginning with a 20-month-old girl who was killed when an un-anchored, four-drawer dresser tipped over and pinned her against the floor. The cases just kept adding up from there.  Continue reading

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