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Brockton Fire Responds to Accident
Vehicle accidents can be extremely devastating and lead to serious injury.

Brockton Fire responded at the intersection of North Montell and Elliot streets for a vehicle collision. One of the vehicles rolled back and got stuck under the bridge.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might be wondering if you can receive help for what happened. If the car accident was caused by negligent actions of someone else, the answer could be yes. All drivers have a duty of care to everyone around them. When they do not uphold this duty, they could be held accountable for the damages that happen.

Man Facing OUI Charges After Wareham Car Crash
Car accidents can cause serious injuries and can happen when we least expect.

A man is facing multiple charged after a two-car crash in Wareham that happened on Wednesday night.

Police responded to the accident on Onset Avenue at around 10 at night. One of the drivers, Christopher Ardita, was driving drunk and hit another vehicle.

Exit 49 in Enfield Closed After Vehicle Crash
Vehicle accidents can happen when we least expect and have serious consequences.

A search is going on near the state line after a police pursuit.

Springfield Police say their department was involved in a pursuit. This lead to a crash that occurred at Exit 49.

Somerset Rollover Victims Escape Serious Injury
Car accidents often happen when we least expect them to.

A rollover accident that occurred in Somerset caused injury to four people on I-195 east.

The wreck happened at around 6:15 near Exit 4. All of the people involved were wearing seatbelts and no one was seriously injured.

Rollover Accident in Chicopee
A rollover crash on May 10 caused heavy delays on I-291 eastbound in Chicopee.

According to Massachusetts State Police, the accident occurred near Burnett Road.

This happened below the Mass Pike overpass.

Incident on I-495
A brush fire was reported on I-495 southbound at Exit 29 on Route 2/George W. Strangton Highway. This occurred at around 3 in the afternoon on May 11.

This is all that is known about this incident at this time. It is not clear what caused the fire.

If someone causes a fire because of their criminal or negligent actions, they could end up seriously hurting innocent people.

Massachusetts State Police Respond to Accident in Foxboro
On May 10 at around 6 in the morning, Massachusetts State Police responded to an accident on Route 495 southbound before Route 95 in Foxboro. The right lane was closed because of a jack-knife situation. It appears no injuries were reported.

When someone is driving, it is their job to exercise caution and to follow the rules of the road. If they do not do so, they could cause severe damage to other people around them.

If you’ve been severely injured in a car accident, you could seek to recover compensation by filing a personal injury claim. We want to help you recover what you are owed. Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman today for help.

Incident on I-93
We are always looking to bring you the most up-to-date stories about accident news in the state. As we seek to do so, we will sometimes bring you initial reports where only a few details are available.

A multi-vehicle crash was reported on I-93 northbound at exit 37. This incident occurred at around 7 in the morning on May 11. This is all that is known at this time.

Dryers have a duty of care to the other vehicles around them. If a driver chooses to act negligently or recklessly, they could cause a wreck and severely impact another person’s life.

Car Drives into Swamp in Brockton
On May 9, a car drove off the road and into swamp water. This occurred at D.W. Field Park on Wednesday afternoon.

People in the area watched while a tow truck pulled the vehicle out.

The driver of the car was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. This information comes from the police.

I-93 Traffic Delayed Because of Rollover Crash
On May 9, a rollover accident caused massive delays on I-93. The accident was cleared, but heavy traffic was in the area for a long time after.

The rollover happened just past I-95 in the Woburn area. The delays stretched back to the O’Neill Tunnel. The left three lanes going northbound were blocked.

The specifics of this accident are not known at this time. It is not clear if anyone was injured in this accident.