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In C.F. Bean, LLC v. Barhanovich, a case from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, plaintiff was in a recreational fishing boat when his outboard engine hit a dredge pipe that was submerged in the water.  When the outboard engine shaft hit the pipe, the bracket that secures the motor broke, and it flipped up at high rate of speed and hit plaintiff, who died in the accident.

marinaFollowing his death, his family filed two cases. One was a personal injury lawsuit alleging wrongful death against operator of the dredging action with decedent’s estate as the named plaintiff.  The second lawsuit was a claim filed under admiralty law, because the cause of action arose from an accident that occurred in navigable waters.  These two cases were consolidated for the purpose of judicial efficiency. Continue reading

Jose Fernandez, a 24-year-old pitcher for Miami Marlins was the clear choice for staff ace and was at the beginning of a promising career when he was tragically killed in a boating accident in Miami.  Fernandez was a two-time All-Star selectee and was expected to be the anchor of the Marlin’s rebuilding effort for many years to come.

marina-1449492According to a recent news report from the Sun Sentinel, the United States Coast Guard was out on a routine patrol when they discovered a 32-foot center console fishing boat crashed upside down on a rock jetty extending into the harbor.  When they approached the boat, they saw no sign of survivors and called for a team of Coast Guard master divers to lead a search and recovery operation. Continue reading

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, more people will be hitting the water in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Some will be gearing up for the early run on stripers in the North Shore area, and others will simply spend the day on the water with friends and family.  While boating can be a lot of fun, it can also be dangerous.

1171697_a_beer_in_a_pubAccording to a recent news feature from CBS News, authorities have said that alcohol may have been a factor in a boat crash that injured 13 people.  Two of the people injured are said to have sustained critical injuries.  Witnesses say that all of the victims were on one boat on the Colorado River. While negotiating the waterway, the boat crashed into a group of large rocks.  Continue reading

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