Russell Police Vehicle Slammed Into While Parked

Late Saturday afternoon, Sergeant Andrew Hawley of the Russell Police force was parked off Route 20 close to Raymur Drive. Russell Police Car CrashHis blue lights were on and clearly visible.

It is unclear if he was inside his patrol car when a car going west crashed into it. The force caused the westbound car to land on its side leaning on the rear of the patrol unit. The police unit was crushed in the rear and the windows and lights were smashed.

Law enforcement has not released the exact crimes that the driver will face in court.


Injured on the Job in a Car Accident

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If you are injured in the car accident while working, the law says that your employer is responsible for your actions and injuries. So, your injuries would be covered if you are in the process of a delivery, driving between job sites, or simply operating the company car in order to accomplish your job duties.

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