Lynn Murphy Jr Identified as Chilmark Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Police revealed today that Lynn Murphy Jr. was the 39-year-old Chilmark man in the fatal motorcycle crash yesterday evening.Lynn Murphy Jr Identified as Chilmark Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Late Tuesday, April 24, he was declared dead at the scene. The motorcycle he was riding was involved in a collision on North Road according to the Chilmark Police Department.

The crash scene was near North Road and Brickyard Road at about 7 p.m.

Murphy’s was traveling westbound on North Road, when it veered off the road running into a pole and trees.

The crash inquiry is underway. There is no further information at this time about whether another vehicle was involved.


Motorcycle Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A fatal motorcycle accident is known as a wrongful death lawsuit in the legal process. Massachusetts law describes a wrongful death as a situation where a fatality occurred and was caused by the negligent conduct, or willful misconduct, of another driver. This can also apply to the defect manufacture or operation of a piece of equipment on the motorcycle which lead to the rider’s death.

Since a wrongful death case means the victim is no longer with us, the law allows another person to pursue the case on the victim’s behalf. Typically this person is known as the administrator of the victim’s estate and has the legal capacity to sue for the benefit of the family left behind of the victim.

It is important to understand the role of insurance companies in wrongful death actions. They are actually not ready and willing to provide reasonable wrongful death settlements. A qualified personal injury attorney needs to be involved. This is because an insurance adjuster will still try to find any reason not to pay out the most that the family deserves. Basically, they hope to take advantage of the grieving family to close out a case quickly and with a minimal settlement.

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