Impaired Driving Leads to Head-On Collision

In a disturbing story out of Blackstone, Massachusetts, police report that OUI was responsible for a head-on collision.  Blackstone responded to reports of a head-on accident and found William Halfelder suffering from a cut and bleeding from his head.

After a comprehensive investigation, officers determined that Halfelder was impaired.  After reviewing video from cameras near the scene, they later determined that Halfelder had collided head-on with another vehicle and forced the vehicle off the roadway.  Halfelder’s path of destruction continued on as he rear-ended another car at a red light and struck yet another vehicle before coming to rest on Main Street where he was found by police.

Halfelder was given Narcan on site for a suspected drug overdose.  He was later transported to the hospital.  Remarkably, Halfelder was charged by police with his 4th OUI.  The innocent accident victims did sustain injuries in the crashes but fortunately their injuries were not life-threatening.

OUI Accidents

OUI is certainly not to be taken lightly.  In our practice, we have a front row seat to the serious and often deadly consequences of those drivers who choose to get behind the wheel after they have had too much to drink or overdosed on a prescription or illegal drug.  OUI accidents are an epidemic in our society and they result in injuries to innocent victims far too often.

When you are in an accident with an impaired driver you have legal rights.  If the impaired driver was negligent in causing the crash, you can recover any monetary loss you may have suffered because of the crash.  In addition, you may be entitled to receive punitive damages.  Punitive damages are a special type of damages which are awarded by juries to deter bad behavior such as drunk driving.  An insurance adjuster knows that OUI cases do not play well in front of juries.  With the help of a good personal injury attorney, your OUI accident case may increase in value simply because of the nature of your accident.

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