Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Manchester

On Sunday, April 15th, a motorcyclist on Highland Street slammed into a guardrail. The Manchester accident resulted in the Manchester Motorcycle Fatalityrider’s death at the scene. There is no information on the rider’s identity or details as to what caused the accident.

The incident is being reviewed by the Manchester Police Department Traffic Unit and the Metro Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team. Officers are asking for anyone who has leads to contact Officer Augusto at 860-645-5560.

Motorcycle Fatality Accident Lawsuits

It can take a long time to fully be able to accept that a loved one is gone as a result of a motorcycle accident. It is important to talk to a Massachusetts personal injury attorney to determine if there is deadline to file a lawsuit when you believe someone else is at fault for the accident. Typically, you will have about a year or so to file the case.  The time runs from the day of the incident, and if you do not file a lawsuit in time, the law does not allow you to proceed.

Where there are no other riders involved but the victim, this may indicate that the cause was the condition of the highway or street. Just because there is no other rider to blame does not mean you do not have a case. The city and government could be found at fault for the rider’s death if they failed to maintain the roads.

Whether or not there was an additional rider, the victim’s own actions may have contributed to the accident. This means that ultimately, any award that the victim, or his or her family, is entitled to may be reduced by an amount equal to how the rider contributed to the accident.

Motorcycle lawsuits are unique and require patience and understanding, which the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can provide. Call (617) 777-7777 today and tell us your story.

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