Fairhaven, MA – Three Seriously Injured in Crash

download-3-4Fairhaven, MA (June 27, 2018) – A serious multi vehicle collision occurred in Fairhaven, Massachusetts on Tuesday.  The crash took place along Route 2, near Bridge Street around just before 1:00 pm.  At that time, a motorist pulling a boat trailer pulled over on the side of the road to fix his trailer hitch.  Simultaneously, another motorist made an evasive maneuver to get around traffic on the same stretch of road.  However, the motorist failed to see the man who was off the roadway and struck the back of the trailer, pushing it directly into the man.  A minivan was also involved in the collision and was forced down an embankment off the shoulder of the roadway.

Serious injuries were reported in the crash.  One person was airlifted to Boston hospital.  The other two victims suffered minor injuries and were transported to two separate local hospitals.  There is no word on whether the airlifted victim has life-threatening injuries. Police did not immediately identify the drivers or determine whether any charges would be issued.  Route 240 was closed for several hours while the investigation remained ongoing.

Serious Injury Crash

A serious car accident is the scariest thought for most drivers who get behind the wheel each day.  Unfortunately, we all know that sometimes accidents do happen and that innocent drivers are injured daily here on Massachusetts streets and highways.  Serious car accidents can affect your quality of life because they often leave the injured victims with permanent and long-lasting injuries.  These injuries can include disfigurement, scars, and bone and joint pains which turn into chronic ailments.

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