Eighty Year Old Pedestrian Dies in Car Accident While Crossing the Street in Norwood

Today, an elderly woman carrying flowers was crossing the street in front of Norwood Hospital when she was hit by a car. Eighty Year Old Pedestrian Dies in Car Accident While Crossing the Street in Norwood

The accident happened at 11:50 a.m. on Washington Street at the intersection of Bond Street, where the hospital is located. Although she was immediately attended to in the street by doctors and nurses, she was then taken inside the hospital for surgery where she could not be saved due to the extent of her injuries and she later died.

The vehicle that struck and killed her was a grey Toyota Rav 4 Sports Utility Vehicle that was driving northbound.

The identity of the woman has been kept private by law enforcement officials. However, reports indicate that the woman was near the hospital visiting a patient. The driver of the fatal car accident is cooperating with the investigation. The Norfolk County DA’s Office and Massachusetts Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section are involved in the inquiry.

The streets in front of Norwood Hospital were shut down for hours. Remnants at the scene of the accident included yellow flowers, a broken vase and a pair of shoes.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A Massachusetts wrongful death lawsuit due to a pedestrian car accident is available to the surviving family members of the victim. It is similar to a personal injury lawsuit in that the family has to establish that the driver of the fatal car crash was negligent. Typically, on residential or city streets, a pedestrian fatality in a cross walk will occur if the driver is speeding recklessly and cannot stop in time to avoid an impact with the pedestrian. Sometimes, even if the driver is traveling at a relatively safe rate of speed but is distracted by a telephone, radio or other passenger, then the driver may not react in time to stop at the intersection and avoid hitting the crossing pedestrian. About 20% of pedestrian fatalities involve a victim over age 70 according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association.

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