Teenage Drivers Need to Remember These Points

The drivers that face the most risk when getting in a vehicle ate those between the ages of 16 and 19.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that this cohort have triple the chance a fatality in a car accident than drivers in their 30s.  Bridgewater teeanger car accident personal injury

It is their youth and lack of real world experience contributes to teenage driving accidents. Because of teenage personality, such drivers speed, do not wear seat belts and entertain all forms of dangerous acts.

Young driver’s learn and absorb driving habits from their instructors who are often their parents. So it is important to demonstrate the safest examples of driving.

Drive Legally

It is imperative to instill in teenagers the understanding that they must follow the rules of the road no matter what. Teen urges to engage in reckless behavior should not extend to driving, as these behaviors lead to accidents.

The best way to set this example is to 1) follow the laws of the highway yourself by always wearing your set belt, staying within safe speed limits, using your turn signals and avoiding emotional driving; and 2) reminding your teenager about new laws, and making sure he or she understands them before hitting the road. Following the laws includes not using the phone while driving, or drinking and driving.

Avoid Distractions, Even from Occupants

As mentioned, cells phones should never be in operation while driving a vehicle. But there are other distractions most common with teenage drivers – other teenagers. Teenage are extremely good at distracting each other, especially in the car as noted by The Journal of Adolescent Health.

The easiest method to control this particular distraction in the car is not to allow it in the car at all. You can set down guidelines that your teenage can only drive with an adult.

Take Extra Precaution Certain Times of Day

Middle of the night car accidents are quite frequent with teenage drivers. It is not difficult to understand that this is because of the dark cover of night, which prevents the ability to see further which reduces reactions times. The best method to avoid this deadly time of day would be to place your teenager on a curfew. Avoiding driving during these times, increase your child’s safety.

Drowsiness is also a culprit of middle of the night accidents, but also contributes to early morning car accidents. The early morning hours when teenagers are on their way to school, or break of dawn sports practices, are just as dangerous of middle of night accidents. Particularly, because teens do not get enough sleep ,often, and are thus putting themselves at risk when they get behind the wheel.  You can insist that your teenager goes to bed early, or at least prevent use of the car after a certain time.

Even with the best meaning parents, teenager still find themselves in a car accident. If a teenager was the cause of a car accident you were in and you sustained injuries, please call the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers. They can provide a free consultation once you call (617) 777-7777.

DISCLAIMER: Information provided in this post is not intended to be used as legal or medical advice, nor disrespect the victims or families in any way.  We are providing this post for general information on everyday tragedies and presented in a manner to protect and honor the victims and their families.  Minor differences can change the outcome of cases, based on jurisdictional laws.  The information provided in this post should not be relied upon as legal or medical advice.  We suggest seeking assistance from legal or medical professionals for your personal circumstance, when necessary.

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