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According to a recent news article from WCPO, a college freshman was landed in the critical condition unit (CCU) of a local level-one trauma center after suffering serious injury at a party.  The accident occurred on property that was being rented by students of the same university as the victim.

poolWitnesses say there were about 300 or 400 people at this party, and there was a makeshift pool erected on the front lawn.  The pool was constructed using straw bales to form the walls of the pool and then a blue tarp was laid over the top of them to contain the water.  When filled, it held around 8 inches of water and it also featured a slide that the students had also constructed.
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According to a recent news article from CBS, the son-in-law of the famous reverend Billy Graham died in a tragic incident in a pool owned by the family. Family members say Danny Lotz, the 78-year-old victim, was swimming in the family pool when his heart stopped.

mtJBN8KHis wife Ann, Rev. Graham’s daughter, found her husband floating facedown in the water and immediately dialed 911. During the 911 call, victim’s wife said “He’s in the water. He’s huge. I can’t get him out. I’m just trying to hold his head above water.” Unfortunately, she was unable to get her husband out of the water. Continue reading