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On Monday, April 16th, a van and Sport Utility Vehicle were involved in a head-on collision on the snowy streets on Spencer. The accident occurred on Route 31 South near Howe Road and 132 Charleton Road.Spencer snow car collision injuries

Front and side airbags were deployed in the SUV which had extensive front end damage. The van had moderate left-side front end damage. Multiple injuries were reported and Spencer Fire and Spencer Police were on the scene.

The road was closed temporarily, forcing driver’s to find different routes around the accident scene.  There are no details at this time as to how the collision occurred or who the occupants were. It appears that the SUV may have veered into the oncoming traffic of the next lane and plowed into the van, according to photos of the scene.

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A two vehicle crash occurred on a neighborhood street late this afternoon in Brockton on Belair Street. One woman injured her arm. The Brockton Fire Brockton Head-On Collision InjuryDepartment reported to the scene. It appeared to be nearly a head-on collision of both cars, yet only the front corner bumpers and wheels were damaged. No further information at this time.

Head-On Collisions

When two vehicles crash into each other, traveling at a typical rate of speed, the individuals in the vehicle experience an impact of twice the rate of speed. This explains how easily a head-on collision can become fatal. Even parts of the vehicle designed for safety cannot withstand the impact if a typical head-on collision. Head-on collisions are some of the most confusing accidents in determining fault. This is why an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney needs to be by your side to make sure the most knowledgeable reconstruction experts are available to you to uncover evidence of fault.

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