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Bike Accident on Centre Street
On June 12, the Boston Police Department received a report of a vehicle accident involving one vehicle and one bicycle. The accident was reported to the police department at approximately 4:50 in the evening, and emergency responders were sent to the scene quickly afterwards.

Once arriving at the scene of the accident, it was discovered that one individual, the person on the bike, had been injured in the collision. First responders administer medical care to this person, and they were transported to a nearby hospital. Their current condition is still under review.

Officer Selena Farley was one of the officers to arrive at the scene, and she took statements from those involved as well as witnesses. No fatalities were reported, and the driver remained on the scene.

Bike Accident on Massachusetts Avenue Injures One
Vehicle accidents involve bicycles can be severe and often cause injuries to cyclists. The consequences of these actions can be extreme and sometimes tragic. It is essential for all drivers to remember the responsibility they have to share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians and equally important for bicyclists and pedestrians to be vigilant when near roads.

On May 4, the Boston Police Department received a report of a vehicle accident involving a bicycle and one vehicle. The accident was reported to have caused injuries and occurred at 595 Massachusetts Avenue. The incident was called into the police around 9:30 at night, and first responders were dispatched to the scene quickly.

Upon arrival, Officer Carolyn Ivens and other first responders secured the scene and directed traffic around the area. Medical care was given to one individual, but the extent of their injuries is still under review. No fatalities were reported.

Vehicle and Bicycle Accident on Washington Street
Accidents involving bicycles can be especially devastating as bicyclists are not protected by a vehicle. While bicyclists often wear protective gear like helmets, impact with a vehicle can be quite catastrophic. Drivers must remember that they share the roads with bicyclists, and they need to watch out for them. Bicyclists must also remember to remain vigilant at all times.

On May 26, an accident involving a vehicle and a bicycle was reported to the Boston Police Department. The police received a report of the incident that occurred around 10 in the morning on 1640 Washington Street.

Officer Philip Kearney was the first to arrive at the scene and other emergency personnel arrived shortly afterwards. Upon arrival, first responders found that the accident had caused injury to the bicyclist. Medical care was administered at the scene. The extent of the injuries is still being determined, but the injuries do not appear to be serious.

Incident in Cambridge Brings to Light Bike Safety
Bicyclists can be some of the most vulnerable parties on the road because they are not protected by a vehicle.

Police in the Cambridge area are searching for a driver who hit a biker with a car door earlier this month. Because of this incident, safety advocates are calling for better precautions.

A 23-year-old biker was hit when the driver of a blue BMW opened his door and caused the biker to fall onto Sydney Street. This was a hit-and-run situation.

Young Girl Injured After Being Hit by Vehicle
A young girl suffered from injuries that are now reported to be serious. This occurred on Thursday when she was hit by a car on Fairbank Road.

The girl, who goes to Curtis Middle School, was taken to Children’s Hospital in Boston. The crash happened at around 6:30 in the evening. She is being treated for serious injuries.

The girl was hit on Fairbank Road near the intersection of Phillips Road and Camperdown Lane.

Bicyclist Hospitalized After Losing Balance and Riding Into Traffic

A 12-year-old girl is recovering after being run over by a landscaping trailer. This happened while she was riding her bike in Laconia on Wednesday morning.

The police say she was riding her bike on a sidewalk at around 7:30 near North Main and Oak Streets. She was using her cellphone and lost balance. She rode into traffic and hit a truck that was stopped and towing a trailer.

The driver didn’t realize what happened and drove forward, running her over.

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