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images-3-2Massachusetts is home to many bicycle riders.  With beautiful scenery and an abundant area suited to the use of bicyclists, it is no surprise that many riders are out about across our state on a daily basis.  However, this comes with the caveat that more bicyclists also means more accidents.  Thousands of bicycle accidents are reported in Massachusetts each year.  For those who choose to ride their bicycles, there are important laws and safety regulations to keep in mind before heading out for the journey.

Where Can You Ride?

Most streets and roadways are bicycle friendly and accessible. This also includes sidewalks and other typical pedestrian routes.  However, if there is clearly a sign prohibiting bicyclists from entering the area, you are not allowed to ride there.  Cities have also adopted specific ordinances which regulate bicyclists and the places where they can ride.  Check your specific city code for more information on any local laws in your area.

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