Risks of Bicycle Accidents Reduced with New Wayfinding Signs, Says Mayor

Keep an eye out for the new signs in Boston. Recently, the Boston Transportation Department started installing 90 Bicycle Wayfinding at intersections in the Downtown area to help bicyclists navigate their way to popular Boston sites.

These signs are to help bicyclists stay on the safe route to their destinations and to help prevent bicycling accidents in Boston, according to the City of Boston.
“The installation of these new signs is yet one more step in our ongoing effort to ensure that Boston is easily accessible for cyclists, said Thomas M. Menino, the city’s Mayor.

Our Boston bicycle accident lawyers understand that officials in the city urge residents and visitors to take advantage of the convenient, healthy and efficient form of transportation to get to and from their citywide destinations. For that reason, officials within Boston are working to make roadways safer for these travelers.

With the new white and green signs, smaller than your average street signs, bicyclists will be easily pointed in the right direction to some of the most popular sites in the city. The signs will be easy to recognize, too. They will have a small bicycle logo on them as well as the names of popular Boston destinations and the miles needed to go to get to that specific location. The tips of these small signs are shaped as arrows to help lead bicyclists in the right direction and to reduce confusion.

Some of the signs offer specific directional information to get to a number of hot-spot destinations. All of the signs were fabricated in-house and are being installed by officials with the Boston Transportation Department. By keeping the entire project local, the Transportation Department only had to shell out about $400 for the entire thing. It’s expected to be completed within the next couple of weeks.

Some of the destinations navigated by the new signs:

-Government Center
-Park Street
-Faneuil Hall
-The New England Aquarium
-North Station
-South Station
Kristopher Carter with the Boston Bikes Program says that cycling throughout the city of Boston has come a long way. He says bikers and transportation officials have been able to gain roughly 50 miles of bike lanes in addition to hundreds of bike racks. He says bikers can now enjoy the Hubway system and more bikers than ever are hitting our city’s roadways because of it. He says that the signs will help to advance the cycling community into the area and help bikers to get to and from their destinations safely.

Thomas J. Tinlin, the Boston Transportation Commissioner, says that all of these Wayfinding signs are a big step for cyclists in the city of Boston. He says it’s an excellent way to get more people out of their vehicles and onto a bicycle, reducing traffic, saving our environment, saving money and getting excellent exercise.

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