Report: Plymouth Man Dies in Drowning Accident

According to a recent news feature from, a man at Plymouth Beach died in a drowning accident while he was swimming at the beach.  Authorities said he was swimming very early in the morning, as they received the initial 911 call just after 2 a.m.

surgeonsAfter receiving the 911 call, first responders arrived on the scene and met the caller, who said they were not been able to locate their friend who went into the water. At this point, they began searching for the man and by 20 minutes after 3 a.m., first responders had located the drowning victim.  When they finally found the man, he was lying prone in about eight feet of water. 

While there was not much they could do for the 26-year-old man, they decided to preform CPR and transport him to a local level-one trauma center.  However, doctors were not able to resuscitate the man, and he was pronounced dead soon after arrival. Police do not believe this was anything other than a tragic accident.

One thing to keep in mind when going to pool at a neighbor’s home or even a public or private swimming club, a tragic drowning can occur and it can happen in as little as two inches of water.  In fact, there only needs to be enough water to cover the victim’s nose and mouth, so it is possible for a young victim to drown in as little as two inches of water.

Another thing to keep in mind, and one thing that our Boston personal injury attorneys are aware of, is that a person can inhale enough water while drowning that they may die hours after being taken from the water.  This is a result of serious medical condition known as dry drowning.  It is not even necessary for the victim to have become unconscious when initially in the water.

It is especially important for parents to seek prompt medical attention for any child who was pulled out of the water when it appeared that he or she was drowning.  Even though the child may be breathing again normally and seem generally okay, it is import to look to see if the child is dizzy or having trouble walking or breathing later in the day.  While many parents may not know any better and ignore these symptoms, it is important to get the child to an emergency room as soon as possible, so the doctors can treat your child to prevent a later serious injury or death. Even if the incident does not result it in death, it can result in a serious brain injury if there is an extended deprivation of oxygen.

If this occurs at a private pool or public pool with a lifeguard present, that life guard should know to promptly call 911, even if the parents are not aware that their child is still in danger.  The reason for this duty of care is because of the contractual relationship created between the employer and the lifeguard and the facility and the personal injury victim.

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