Rental Bike Injury Sidelines Baseball Ace

Madison Bumgarner has been the Ace of San Francisco Giants’ pitching for quite some time.  Even though the team has not gotten off to a great start in the 2017 season, fans and team officials were hoping that some better offense and good pitching performances by the likes of Bumgarner could get them back to where they want to be.

bandageThis is going to harder they had first hoped, as, according to a recent news article from ESPN, as Bumgarner may miss two months of the season as a result of injuries he sustained while riding a dirt bike.  He has supposedly injured his throwing shoulder and a few of his ribs.  This is creating a lot of angst for many connected with the team.  While injures happen all the time in the game, injuries that occur during non-baseball activities tend to bring out more emotions from fans. The only positive news that has come out related to this situation is that team doctors say he will not need surgery, as that could be season ending.  As it is now, he is going to miss a long time and will likely need to do a lengthy rehabilitation assignment in the minor leagues to get back in shape so he can be slotted back in the starting rotation.

This accident occurred when the team had a rare off day and were on the road.  It is therefore likely that he rented the bike on which he was riding when the injury occurred, as most people do not travel with a dirt bike.  They have not said whether the was riding on a motorized dirt bike or an unpowered bike at the time of the accident, but it has been released that he fell because he hit a slippery patch when going down a hill and regrets ever getting on the bike in the first place.

As our Boston personal injury attorneys can explain, many people are injured each year as a result of accidents that involve rental equipment.  In some cases, we are talking about a rented bike or watercraft.  In other cases, a victim is injured with a power tool that he or she has rented.  For example, if you are doing some work on your home, but are not a professional contractor, you are not likely inclined to purchase a $3,000 metal bender that you will only use one time.  You are much more likely to rent the equipment for as long as you need and return it when are done.  There are various places in the Boston area that rent power tools.

However, since the rental company knows you are not an expert with the equipment, it is their responsibility to warn you of any known dangers, and instruct you on the proper way to use their rental equipment.  The manufacturer also has a duty to warn consumers of any hidden dangers.  Once way this is often done is by placing conspicuous warnings on the equipment itself.

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