Massachusetts Woman Killed during Florida Vacation

We often talk about the dangers of riding bicycles and walking near traffic, but we don’t think about them while on vacation — the risks were probably the last thing on a Medford woman’s mind when she died in Fort Lauderdale. The expectant mother had won a trip to Florida through a church event. It was on that Florida trip where the Massachusetts woman was killed while hanging out by the pool. She was killed by a motor vehicle that sped off of the road, onto the hotel’s property and through the cabana she was in by the pool of her hotel, according to the Boston Herald.
“She won a contest writing an essay on how a vacation would bless them,” said Genesis pastor Michael Davis.

Although this freak accident happened in the state of Florida, it’s important to point out that cars can speed into buildings and cause fatal accidents in Massachusetts as well. When an unfortunate accident like this one happens to you or someone in your family, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney to help you to fight for your rights. Fighting for your rights will be difficult with property owners, drivers and victims all fighting for the same thing — justice and compensation. And property owners will typically share the blame for not doing enough to protect customers and guests.

Our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers understand that the expectant mother and her husband were supposed to return home on that previous Saturday, but decided to extend their trip another day and checked into another hotel. It was that Sunday when the tragic accident happened. Fort Lauderdale police are still looking into the cause and details of the accident. It could be weeks before charges are filed, if they ever are.

Here’s the details that have been released on the accident: The woman was in the bathroom of a poolside cabana at the Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Boulevard when a 34-year-old driver lost control off her vehicle, left the roadway and went through that very cabana. The driver was heading down Southeast Fourth Street when she lost control of her vehicle at a curve in the road. She ran over a fence and right into the cabana where the Massachusetts woman was.

Both the Medford mother and her unborn child were later pronounced dead. The husband and soon-to-be father was in an adjoining restroom and only suffered minor bruises and cuts.

The driver of the car was transported by emergency response teams to the Broward General Medical Center with only minor injuries. She cooperated with investigators. Still, no charges have been filed.

“She doesn’t recall the incident,” said Detective DeAnna Garcia.

There was a gathering at the family’s church, Genesis, to celebrate her life. She will be missed.

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