Holiday Season Accident Prevention

For children and adults, the holiday season is exciting but can carry some additional risks. To prevent accidents and injury, it is important to keep in mind some potential dangers that could lead to property damage, personal injury, or fatality. While Christmas and New Year’s can inspire a carefree and cheery atmosphere, you should focus on safety first to prevent injury and keep your family away from harm through the holidays.


Every year, the National Safety Council urges families to stay safe while celebrating through the holiday season. Our Boston personal injury lawyers are dedicated to keeping our communities safe and raising awareness to prevent accidents. Whether you are at home, on the road, in the office, or taking a holiday trip, here are some accident prevention tips to help you stay safe.

Driving hazards. During the holidays, families will be rushing around for last-minute gifts, visiting family, and creating heaving traffic. All of this hustle-and-bustle will be combined with some dangerous driving conditions. Always practice safe driving, be aware of additional risks, and remember that other drivers are under stress. As always, you should keep in mind safety wherever you are. Holiday travel should be limited when road conditions are bad. If you must drive in dangerous conditions, reduce speed and never drink and drive.

Holiday decorations. Every year, Americans hang lights, put up decorations, and bring trees into their homes for Christmas. In many homes, these decorations can result in injury and property destruction. A dry tree, weathered string of lights, or unattended candle can result in serious injuries and even death. To prevent fires, you should always make sure your products are safe.

Christmas lights. To keep your family safe, you should make sure that the product has been tested for safety. Inspect any old lights for cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires and other loose connections. You should throw out equipment that is broken and make sure that all lights are fastened security. Remember never to use outdoor lights on the inside and don’t use more lights than recommended in one circuit. Turn off lights when you are not at home and after your family goes to bed.

Candles. For those who celebrate Christmas or Chanukah, candles are an important tradition. You should make sure that candles are carefully placed and secured in a non-flammable holder. You should arrange candles where they cannot be knocked over by a child or animal. Candles should never be near drapes or other potentially flammable tapestries or furniture. Remember that it only takes a few seconds for candle wicks to ignite a flame.

Sledding and outdoor sports. For many families, Christmas and the holidays means outdoor sports and sledding in the snow. If you take your kids sledding or you let them head out with their friends, remind your children not to sled near a busy road. An out of control sled could result in a collision with a parked or moving vehicle. Always be aware of potential dangers below, especially when on a steep hill.

Holiday gifts. Always buy age appropriate gifts for children and adults. Avoid gifts that have sharp edges or that a small child may put into his or her mouth. Consider potential allergies before buying certain products, including scented candles, candy with nuts, or some furs.

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