Haverhill Police Chase Ends in Crash Over State Lines

A police chase began in Haverhill this evening after shots rang out at law enforcement officers.Haverhill police chase ends in crash

This occurred on Interstate 495, with the pursuit continuing onto Interstate 93 northbound. The pursuit ended on Route 111 with the fleeing suspect crashing.

The Haverhill Police official statement can be read below:

“At approximately 21:30 hours, officers on patrol in the Acre neighborhood came across an individual firing a handgun from a motor vehicle at an unknown target. Haverhill officers gave pursuit, at which time the suspect began firing at the officers in pursuit. Shortly after crossing the border into New Hampshire, the suspect vehicle crashed, at which time one suspect fled the vehicle into the woods and a second suspect was apprehended. Police are currently searching a wooded area in New Hampshire for the second suspect. At this time there are no reported injuries to any officers involved in this incident.”

Massachusetts State Police were also involved in the pursuit. There were two individuals in the fleeing vehicle, and only one has been captured. Numerous law enforcement authorities are searching for the second suspect who fled the scene.

Accidents During Police Chases

If a civilian is injured during a police pursuit by either the fleeing suspect or the police vehicle, compensation for injuries from the fleeing suspect can be recovered. Typically, a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit will also seek remedy from the owner of the vehicle is the driver is not also the owner. However, in police chases if the fleeing suspect is evading arrest in a stolen vehicle, then the vehicle owner would not be responsible for any injuries to innocent bystanders. This is because clearly the owner did not give permission to use the vehicle, and any resulting injury cannot be put on the owner.

The police officers may also have some liability to an innocent bystander. If the police officer or officers failed to follow standard procedures, or fell below their duties as taught in training, and as a result a bystander was injured, then they can be sued. This is because falling below these standards and duties constitutes negligence. Often this means, they would need to stop chasing the fleeing suspect in certain road conditions or areas because it is more dangerous to the general public, than picking up the pursuit by air or other means.

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