Flatbed Truck Runs Over Man, Crashes Into Tree

Earlier this afternoon, as two flatbed truck workers were loading a Honda Accord onto the tow truck, the truck began to roll and ran over one of the workers. He was taken away in an ambulance. The Pipo’s Towing truck ended up descending approximately 250 feet down hill. This occurred on Haviland Street in Worcester at around 1:30 p.m. There were several witnesses to the incident including the three women getting the Honda Accord towed.Tow Truck Rolls Over Worcester Worker

The other Pipo’s Towing worker was also injured when, after attempting to jump into the tow truck to stop it from continuing to roll down hill further, he fell out of the truck onto the pavement. There were no further injuries when the truck came to rest against a tree that stopped it. The accident investigation team of the Worcester Police are investigating mechanical failure as a possible cause, among other factors.

Trucking Industry Accidents

The trucking industry sees a high volume of catastrophic injuries and deaths each year. A catastrophic injury can often lead to the end of a career for the worker, who then has to figure out how to pay for continuing medical care in the face of difficult financial situations. The death of a worker in the trucking industry leaves a family without financial support in the face of extreme emotional distress.

Where a truck driver is run over by his employer’s truck, often times we look to the manufacturer of the truck or brakes for a personal injury suit, especially where mechanical failure is suspected as the cause of the accident. The worker would also be entitled to worker’s compensation, often times. If you’ve suffered injuries in a trucking industry accident, you need the benefit of an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney working for you. Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers can help you recover all legally available benefits. Our firm ensures that you receive compensation for your medical treatment and other damages, including your pain and suffering caused by the accident. Let us start helping you today, call us at (617) 777-7777 and tell us your story.

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