Piece of Metal Crashed Through Window of Honda Odyssey Seriously Injuring Driver on Route 128

Around 11:00 am, April 11, 2018, a driver travelling along Route 128 in Waltham had a piece of metal smash through their windshield, hitting them and causing serious injuries.

The Honda Odyssey was travelling down Route 128, near Exit 26, when a tractor lost a piece of equipment which crashed through the windshield.  It appeared to be a tractor trailer’s metal piece which was made to hold a mud flap over the tire.

The driver has not yet been identified but was transported to Mass General Hospital for evaluation and treatment of serious injuries sustained to their face.  The injuries were not life-threatening, but serious.

Preliminary investigations provide a scenario that the item did not come off of a passing vehicle/truck carrying a tractor trailer, rather it had been thrown from the road off of the tire of a vehicle in front of the Odyssey crashing through the windshield.  No further details have been provided.


Road debris causes daily injuries to thousands of people per year, killing hundreds of those victims.  Many times, reactions to try and avoid road debris causes secondary crashes and further injuries or death.  All sizes of debris from appliances and furniture to items as small as hammers and screwdrivers can cause major accidents as the items are normally struck at high rates of speed.

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