Boston college hockey champs involved in car accident with MBTA trolley

Members of Boston College’s national championship hockey team are among seven teenagers charged after an accident with an MBTA trolley early Sunday morning, the Boston Globe reported.

The Boston car accident occurred when a Jeep carrying seven teenagers tried to make a U-turn across the tracks on Commonwealth Avenue near Greycliffe Road. The Jeep struck an outbound train heading for Boston College shortly after midnight, according to a MBTA spokesperson.

The driver and three passengers were transported to city hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, according to a college spokesperson. The MBTA reported that the other three passengers took themselves to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center with minor injuries after fleeing the scene.

Three of the teens are members of the National Championship hockey team at Boston College.

Police reported finding Vodka in the Jeep and all seven teens face charges of underage alcohol possession. The Jeep was heavily damaged and a bar connecting two of the trolley cars was also damaged. The investigation is ongoing.

The Boston Herald reported that the trolley driver had no time to stop and said several of the teens tossed alcohol from the car as they fled the scene.

The driver of the vehicle said she had not been drinking and a spokesperson for the college told the Herald that police reported alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

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